Robin Hobb

Last week I bought a book! Yes you may say that is normal for most people but since I received my first Kindle, I have moved over to digital reading. Books, paper books, are what my family and friends buy me for gifts. So why did I change the habit?

It all started with a visit to Waterstones with my editor. We nipped into town for a quick  visit to another shop but got side tracked. We headed up stairs to the good sections, the fantasy, horror and history shelves. There we immersed ourselves in one of our favourite pass times, sniffing the pages!!

I picked several books up but my editor took them from me and said “I have that one, you can borrow it.”

After a while I got a bit annoyed at her. “What book should I get then that I can own?” I scanned the fantasy shelves with the words immerse yourself in your own genre,  running through my head. My best friends has offered to lend me her Robin Hobb books stating that I would love them so I picked up one of hers.dragon keeper cover

I held up this book and asked “What about this one, do you have it?” My editor said I could buy this one as she had it on her ereading device and like my best friend, said I would enjoy it. I was so excited to be buying a book for myself and promptly took it down stairs to pay.  After our purchases we headed for a coffee shop and a little bit of refreshment.


When my editor came back with our drinks, she found me in full DND mode. She wasn’t too please with me, took this photo then stole the the book off me.

“We have things to talk about, like Dark Magic Rising?” She scowled as she reminded me that we have a book to get through editing and beta reading before November!! Opps How could I forget?

When I haven’t been busy with my own book I have read The Dragon Keeper. I’m about half way through and loving every page, every word and the smell when I turn the pages is such a comforting scent.  I enjoy a book that gives more than one persons point of view and Robin Hobb doesn’t fail in that department. The story line is coming together nicely and the characters are now alive within me. It’s pay day this week, I will be getting the next book before I finish this one.

We had a bonus to our visit to Waterstones. Martina Cole is doing a book signing in October and I couldn’t resist buying my daughter (and myself) a ticket for the event. We will get a chance to meet her and get her new book before general release.

The feature image is John Howe’s artwork for Robin Hobb’s books, The Mad Ship


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